Kombo Band

Kombo Band 1974




Baris Manço & Hüsnü Uysal

Rotterdam De Doelen 1975

Husnu Uysal with Baris Manco
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Husnu Uysal, born in Istanbul, has been playing the guitar since he was 16 years old. He lost his heart to pop and rock music style.
In Turkey he was known as the guitarist of the famous jazz rock formation the "Kombo Band" which accompanied popular Turkish artists in Turkey and in the Netherlands.
The "Kombo Band" performed in the "Circus Theater" and "The Kurhaus".

By combining Turkish music with Western music, Husnu Uysal gave his carrier a different direction.In 1982 he started the popgroup "Dostlar". Dostlar was one of the first Turkish popgroups in the Netherlands.

Husnu Uysal is a person with many talents. He performed with several Dutch groups and helped Turkish groups. He studied guitar at the Conservatorium in Rotterdam for two years and for several years he wrote a music column in the Turkish magazine "Ekin". Since 2000 he has been teaching popmusic in Rotterdam. He is also the co-founder of the new Turkish popmusic education. In 2002, he was appointed as the first Turkish popmusic teacher in the Netherlands.

Over the past few years he has been singing and performing his own songs as a solo singer. The combination of the Turkish lyrics together with his extraordinary voice and the sound of his acoustic guitar, results in beautiful dynamic songs.

Several times he performed at local TV and Radio broadcasting stations: He participated in the TV shows and in a radio show with Loes Luca and DJ René Broeder. In previous years he could be seen and heard on different stages. In 2005 he performed at the VARA radio show "Spijkers met Koppen". He also won the second prize in de "the Big Prize of South-Holland" in the category singer&songwriter.

In short, Husnu Uysal has many talents, he is skilful and enthusiastic. A musician in heart and soul.



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T 010 592 22 91